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January 13, 2009


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awww....cute kitties....

Aaron Lund

I'm glad your having so much success getting your energy and comfort issues under control. Can I take some credit for offering helpful advice?

Angela Bowman

You sure can. Thank you so much, Aaron!

Grace Rink

Angela - We just had insulation blown in our house on Tuesday and the effect was immediate! I don't have bills to prove it yet, but at least we feel like our thermostat is no longer lying to us. The crew emptied their two box trucks full of insulation into our walls - it turns out that our whole house had no insulation at all! The most interesting leak location they detected was where the bathtub meets the floor. When they blew in the walls from the outside, the material started blowing in at that location. They sealed off that leak and many others. Our blower door reading went from around 4700 down to 3100. Nice!

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