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August 23, 2009


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Mark Guarino

One of the reasons I am in the process of getting my first house is to have a chicken coop. I have no reason why other than to maybe save a few from the slaughter. I wonder what you do with them in the winter though.

Angela Bowman

I guess they just need a warm lightbulb to keep their water from freezing and another one to huddle around. Evidently they are pretty good at snuggling up!


If you're limited on space, go with bantams... they don't require much space at all. And if you keep only hens, chickens aren't at all. If their pen is kept free of moisture, they don't smell. They don't need any kind of heater as most breeds are cold tolerant. And, in my opinion, they are an enjoyable hobby. Not to mention, they provide you with table eggs.

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